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Cyber Security

Why Does My Business Need Cyber Security?

Cyber criminal tactics continue to grow more sophisticated and without cyber security, your business is left exposed and defenceless against data breaches. 

Data theft can not only bring you economic costs and regulatory fines, but it can cause irreparable damage to your company's reputation.

Isn’t Implementing Cyber Security Complicated?

Protecting your data and/or infrastructure can be a daunting undertaking, but our experts are here to simplify the process and make you feel at ease about your system security. First, we'll seek out the vulnerable points in your infrastructure and design a stronger all round set of systems to protect you and your Customers Data. And of course, long-term support for you is always on offer through our range of Professional Cyber Security Consulting services.

Understandably, you could feel apprehensive that ‘bringing someone in’ could disrupt your business. We ensure that your business continues uninterrupted as our unique integration with both your onsite teams and 3rd party suppliers means you won’t even know we’re there. 

Bespoke Solutions to Solve YOUR Cyber Security Issues

You can’t put a value on the relief you will feel when your organization’s cyber security is taken care of & your customer’s data is protected against potential cyber attacks

Whether you’re a Micro-sized organization or a large Enterprise business with hundreds of assets and infrastructure, cybersecurity should be your top priority when it comes to managing and protecting your customer’s data and your own infrastructure.




cybersecurity services and products

to help secure your infrastructure,

systems and data

Security Architecture


Wish to know whether your infrastructure is directly at risk from potential security attacks? If yes, then the complete security architecture service is for you.


This service covers Cloud, On-Premises systems, or software application systems and offers you:

  • Identification of any security weaknesses in the development of your design. A detailed review of your existing infrastructure.

  • Examination of your security technology, operational processes and tools.

  • Advice and the creation and implementation of solutions to address any gaps we identify.

  • Ensurance that your systems are compliant with security regulations.

Audit, Risk & Compliance

Obtaining an inventory or understanding what assets your organization has can often be tricky, complex, and hard to manage as part of your standard business-as-usual lifecycle. 

As an experienced consultancy, we can manage this for you by:

  • Performing gap analysis reviews.

  • Providing solutions to ensure your organization complies with security governance procedures.

  • Managing your security risks.

Security DevOps

Are you at the beginning of your project and looking to deploy infrastructure as code or build and deploy software for websites, microservices, and mobile applications? Complete Cyber can provide you with the right support to embed security into your SDLC, using tried and tested cost-effective approaches.

At any other stage of your project, a consultancy service is available to guide you into achieving total security with a robust SecDevOps approach.

Security Testing &

Management Services

Are you are concerned that your business is vulnerable to being hacked or breached? Then investing in the security test management service will put those worries to rest.


To give you the finest service we have partnered with CREST-certified Penetration test companies that provide the best available testing and that’s in addition to our in-house ethical hackers. 


As part of the management service, we can provide your business with continuous scanning and reporting using a cloud-based platform, for uninterrupted peace of mind or coordinate penetration testing to identify exploitable systems.

Resource Augmentation

If your business requires short or long term personnel to support your security and technical needs, we can source the perfect individual or team for you from our large pool of highly qualified and experienced candidates.

The team comprises of security & solution architects & consultants who possess the right technical and people-based skills for your company needs.

Security eLearning & Phishing Awareness

Knowledge is power, so arm yourself and your organization.