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Simplify your Cybersecurity Issues.

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Bespoke Solutions to Solve
Your Complete Cyber Issues

Whether you’re a Micro-sized organization or a large Enterprise business with hundreds of assets and infrastructure, Cybersecurity should be your top priority when it comes to managing and protecting your customer’s data and your own infrastructure.

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Why Does My Business Need Cybersecurity?

Cyber criminal tactics continue to grow more sophisticated and without cybersecurity, your business is left exposed and defenceless against data breaches. ​

Data theft can not only bring you economic costs and regulatory fines, but it can also cause irreparable damage to your company's reputation.

Isn’t Implementing Cybersecurity Complicated?

Protecting your data and your infrastructure can be a daunting undertaking. That's why we're here to simplify the process and make you feel at ease about your system security. 

First, we'll seek out the vulnerable points in your infrastructure, and design a stronger all-round set of controls to protect you and your Customers' Data. 

And of course, long-term support for you is always on offer through our range of Professional Cybersecurity Consulting services.

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Professional cybersecurity services and products to help secure your infrastructure, systems and data.

Security Architecture Services

Security Architecture

Security Testing & Management Services

Security Testing &
Management Services

Audit Risk and Compliance

Audit, Risk, and compliance

App Security

Application Security

Security eLearning & Phishing Awareness

Security eLearning & Phishing Awareness


1. Creative By Nature

Our team leverage each other's creative and problem-solving skills offering you access to a creative solution provider when it comes to addressing your Cybersecurity requirements.

2. Experienced

Our combined team has over 30 years of working in Information Security and ICT, offering you access to an extensive range of knowledge.

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3. Vendor Agnostic

We don't stipulate vendors, we use what you have and evaluate the best approaches to integration and security protection.

4. Business Benefits

Our team continually provide business benefits by enhancing your security and reducing your threat surface to potential Cyber attacks.

5. Collaboration

Our team of experienced security architects share our vision in that cybersecurity is everyone's problem and therefore collaboration is key to driving results.

Our Clients

We're happy when you're happy!
Check out some of our latest clients and what they have to say.

Transport for London
Dixons Carphone
Open Banking

Delivering quality while under time constraints is always a pressure, but Complete Cyber managed to promote security as an organizational-wide responsibility proactively.

Happy with the relationship we have with Complete Cyber and would recommend them on their ability to apply Application Security and Security Architecture services.

Eduardo Martinez Barrios

Santander Payments & Industry Oversight - Open Banking


We're proud members of esteemed organizations that share our values and drive for excellence. These affiliations bolster our credibility and offer invaluable networking and learning opportunities. 

Standing alongside industry leaders, we're committed to upholding the highest standards for our customers and driving continued success.

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