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What Kind of Security Testing do we Offer?

We have a helpful team who are certified in performing security testing in the form of ethical hacking and can provide continuous support through our vulnerability management system. When you require a CREST-certified penetration test, we can coordinate and scope the testing requirements and leverage our CREST penetration test partners to support your security testing or compliance matters.

Security test management can be a pain if you either don't understand the lifecycle or can't manage the engagement or even interpret your results. Our service is designed to manage your frustrations and leave you assured that we are keeping an eye out for vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management: A Summary

Why? Vulnerability scanning is an effective way to identify your security weaknesses at the boundary of your infrastructure and can provide early indications of compromise.

What? We can offer you a continuous vulnerability scanning service to check your web or IT infrastructure and provide analysis on any identified vulnerabilities. We can also provide you with both external and on-premise vulnerability scanning services.

Who? Our team can configure and automate most of the scanning so that we can focus on the data provided by our vulnerability scanners to concentrate on the actual risks that pose a threat to your business.

Penetration Testing: Our Testing Approach

We have partnered with a number of leading penetration test houses within the UK who are CREST certified. Our process is to engage with you to establish your requirements and objectives. We can then gauge a scope assessment and coordinate with your technical teams to ensure the environment and any additional information needed for the test has been arranged. We will then engage and communicate findings to you once a penetration test is underway. Furthermore, we will also ensure each identified finding from the test is impact assessed to determine the true security risk.

Digital Footprint Assessment: Understand Your Internet Presence

As your business grows you accumulate assets, which include data. Understanding what systems or data might be exposed over time is often difficult. Our Digital footprinting involves scanning the internet for intelligence lead data that could or might be linked to your organization. We will then investigate to discover your potential footprint and determine if any risks can be identified.


Testing & Management


Security test management is vital in understanding your security weaknesses and determining whether you have any vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, application, or systems. We offer a complimentary security testing lifecycle involving penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, or open-source intelligence gathering on a particular subject.

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About our Security Test

Management Services

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Security testing can involve different types and stages of testing. Here at Complete Cyber, we provide a full lifecycle of testing designed to support clients by taking the trouble out of managing security testing. Whether you require continuous or one-off vulnerability assessments, a CREST certified penetration test or are just interested in understanding your internet footprint, we can coordinate, manage and undertake the security test for you.

Our security test management services have been designed, (using our project experience), to meet your security testing requirements. The process identifies, targets and addresses exposure points throughout the security test lifecycle.

Whether you are tired of having to manage penetration tests due to a lack of technical scope or would like your infrastructure or website to be continuously tested, why not inquire further to understand the range of services that we provide you with.


Creative By Nature

Our team leverage each other's creative and problem solving skills offering you access to a creative solution provider when it comes to addressing your Cybersecurity requirements.



Our combined team has over 30 years in working in Information Security and ICT, offering you access to an extensive range of knowledge.


Vendor Agnostic

We don't stipulate vendors, we use what you have and evaluate the best approaches to integration and security protection.


Business Benefits

Our team continually provide business benefits by enhancing your security and reducing your threat surface to potential Cyber attacks.



Our team of experienced security architects share our vision in that cybersecurity is everyone's problem and therefore collaboration is key to driving results.



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