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Audit, Risk & Compliance Services

Understand more about our Audit, Risk and Compliance Services

Complete Cyber recognize that security audits represent a powerful tool in terms of understanding your risk profile.

However, they're not a 'one-off' fix. IT security audits should be implemented as part of a comprehensive, rolling security program.

We apply several audit approaches using a technical and non-technical methodology to the audit, risk, and compliance process. 

Which approach we use depends upon the requirements, which could be an audit investigation, compliance gap analysis, or the development or modification of a security risk governance program.

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Our experienced consultants can perform internal audits to assess what existing security controls are in place across your organization.

As with all of our project work, the process starts by establishing key stakeholders, departments, and responsibilities for those involved in the day-to-day security management. 

This will lead to developing a project plan that outlines a clear project scope and identifies the critical tasks needed to deliver the required outcomes.

This will lead to developing a project plan that outlines a clear project scope and identifies the critical tasks needed to deliver the required outcomes.

One of the critical factors determining our approach is identifying the correct framework against which risks will be assessed and managed. Once this has been determined, we assist in developing a central risk management process to complement our auditing services.

Supporting your Audit and Compliance Needs

Achieving or working towards a security framework such as ISO27001 or NIST is vital in today's world. Doing this secures your infrastructure and installs good cyber hygiene, it also demonstrates that you take security seriously which makes you more attractive to your customers and clients. Our audit, risk, and compliance work in a manner of ways to help you on your security maturity journey and understand your gaps against a particular security framework.​

​We approach audit and risk analysis differently to most. We start with assessing your footprint to gauge a maturity level and then continue with an internal audit assessment to outline gaps against either ISO27001 or the NIST 800-53 security frameworks.

Audit: Assessing Maturity or Compliance

Understanding where you sit on the security maturity scale is vital in measuring an organization's compliance with a given security framework. We will undertake an internal audit of your systems policies, governance, and system configurations utilizing interview methods with critical stakeholders to score your organization against a five-scale maturity scoring method. 

We can also utilize this process to understand areas where you comply with a particular framework or have gaps. Our security consultants can then work with you to understand the level of resources and effort to mitigate those gaps.

Risk: Centrally Managing Risk

Having a good and defined process for centralized security risk management is a core aspect to any organization wishing to demonstrate compliance and ensure activities such as vulnerabilities, asset end-of-life, and business processes are not introducing security gaps in your organization. We offer a means to review and provide both process and tooling to ensure a risk management establishment is available within your organization. 

We can establish this process on your behalf and walk you through the management of keeping a risk evaluation process active, so you can build upon it and ensure your route to security compliance is evident.

Compliance: Converging to Superiority

Understanding compliance with particular frameworks is not too similar to an audit. The difference in compliance is that some regulatory industries require an assessment to assess and provide technical guidance on meeting compliance. 

Our compliance services work based on reviewing your requirements, evaluating your systems, and determining whether you can meet a given framework's expected compliance needs.

We work specifically on compliance with PCI-DSS, Cyber Essentials, Cloud Security Alliance, and the Centre of Internet Security (CIS). Our specialist security consultants can offer evaluate and provide extensive information to ensure you can meet any regulatory or security-based framework's compliance.

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