Client Case Study


Quintain own and manage a smart city of newly built high-end apartments in and around
Wembley Park with the desired goal of achieving a level of living designed to meet Londoners
lifestyle, whilst being a Digital-driven organization. Complete Cyber were appointed to evaluate
and improve Quintain’s security maturity posture to ensure alignment with the NIST security
framework to bolster Quintains IT and building IoT security aspects by deploying a long-term
program aimed at improving security across many areas related to Cybersecurity.


Shifting the culture of an organization composed of different operating companies is
no mean feat. Further to this, we had a large consultancy undertake the maturity assessment on
Quintain and perform a Maturity Capability Assessment and had scored Quintain at the lower
end of the maturity scale. Our challenge was to coordinate a four pillar approach constituting of
security governance, resilience, technical security controls and develop security operations
across the business to improve the Cyber maturity score by a factor of double the current


Within the space of 6 months, we had attributed an increase in the capability maturity
score for Quintain improving areas such as, security governance and risk management, training
and awareness and improved in areas of resilience. We also coordinated extensive security
testing across the different operating companies, implementing a vulnerability management
system to scan and triage vulnerabilities of different classifications. The overall outcome is that
the business that operates a build-to-rent sector using extensive Digital systems was slowly
becoming more secure at its infrastructure boundaries whilst addressing security controls


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