Dixon’s Carphone Warehouse - iDmobile Contract Data Project

Client Case Study


As part of the OFGEM requirements to make mobile operators contract transfer
ownership more transparent, Complete Cyber was requested to support the project under tight
deadlines to ensure their Google Cloud Platform could process large multiple datasets from
multiple data sources. The scope extended to ensuring the proposed solution met with Dixon's
Carphone Warehouse (iDMobile’s Owner) security assurance activities, which required
assurance that the proposed deployment architecture and overlaying solution was secure and
would not lead to any potential data breaches.


The timescales involved were limited to months, with little development of a known
solution by the project team, meaning that our team of security architects needed to evaluate
what information was available. Access to staff to obtain the required knowledge on gaps from
reviewing the available documentation also made it difficult, as decisions such as securing the
solution were not known by the team. This meant our team needed to support the team in both
providing methods to mitigate common threats, but also evaluate the team's and our work.


We ensured that our team worked independently to support the team under the tight
timescales to assist them in their development of a data broker for contract data in Google
cloud. Evaluating edge defenses using technology such as: Next-Generation Firewalls and
ensuring Intrusion Detection/reverse proxy systems were in place at the ingress/egress of the
Cloud environment provided some edge protection. Our team of security architects ensured that
the Cloud environments were hardened to CIS benchmarks, but introduced compliance
scanning at Code as Infrastructure level to ensure configuration of the Google environment was
secure. We also ensure that when evaluating the solution from an assurance aspect, we ensure
compliance against the Clients' security policies by leveraging tooling designed to pull data to
indicate the configuration of the environments.


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