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Demystifying your
Cyber Security

Protecting your business from Cyber attacks is often costly and complex to resource.

Complete Cyber offer a continuous service through our retainer services that you can draw upon our expertise to secure your business infrastructure at the fraction of running your own Information Security or Cybersecurity team.

Read below to find out more about our Cyber Security Packages that will ensure you can obtain a comprehensive Cybersecurity solution.

Cyber Security Retainer Services

 Simple and affordable service. Complete our subscription form to gain access to our services.

 Assurance by peace of mind. With our service, we'll aim to get your business secured ASAP.

 Access to specialist subject matter experts that can assist you in your project or business to address cyber security.

 A complete solution to meet your security needs and achieve compliance with well-known security frameworks.

 A complete solution to meet your security needs and achieve compliance with well-known security frameworks..

 Access to state of the art platforms to improve your organisation's cyber posture, through our training & awareness platform.

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Below we've detailed exactly what you will get from each package and the value it represents to your organization.




Dedicated Security Consultant Expert

You will be provided with a Security Consultant who has had over 10 years of experience working in IT security and/or cyber domains. This person will be available via a telephone, ticket request or online video conference. Your expert can be scheduled to set out a shared calendar via our bookings system to accommodate your needs in a flexible way.

Service Desk Query & Question System

A service desk is available to you to ensure you can ask simple queries such as: “as a financial services client do we need to comply with PCI-DSS?” or maybe you have a technical question such as: “We don’t have endpoint protection and are assessing the need versus cost. What would you recommend?”. Ask as much or as little as you need.


Policies & Standards

Whether you are a small or large business, having some stipulated guidelines to ensure you comply with good security practices (as outlined in ISO27001 and in NIST) is a must. We provide a set of templated policies designed to make sure your organization is not only compliant but has the latest guidance on how to apply and adopt cyber security approaches.

An annual maturity cyber assessment requires you to complete a series of Q&A sessions and questionnaires via our online system. We will then follow up with a meeting with the nominated stakeholders to clarify your submitted evidence and provide a maturity assessment against the NIST Security framework controls.

Annual Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

Dedicated Policy and Compliance Manager

Managing policies and ensuring these are renewed and mandated to all staff to review and accept is a heavy manual task. Our portal automates this by allowing you to manually upload your company policies and set renewal times and notifications to ensure key staff review and acknowledge them.

eLearning Access

External Vulnerability Assessments


of an

Incident Plan

Breach Detection



Monthly Security Newsletter

Threat Modelling Assessments

Open-Source Risk Management Solution


Security Assessment

Discounted Consultancy and Architecture Services

Our bespoke tooling allows for us to undertake automatic and continuous monitoring of your public footprint, whether this be a set of websites, access points for your employees or services that need to be exposed into the public domain. The criticality of maintain knowledge of your public footprinting to ensure you do not succumb to exploits by attackers, it is vitial to monitor and acknowledge whether updates are needed on your systems. We will provide continuous monitoring and provide clear reporting, advise and notifications in the event that we identify a potential vulnerability.

Our bespoke tooling allows for us to undertake automatic and continuous monitoring of your public footprint, whether this is a set of websites, access points for your employees or services that need to be exposed into the public domain. Monitoring your public footprint ensures you don't succumb to exploits by attackers. We will offer continuous monitoring, provide clear reporting, and notify and advise you in the event that we identify a potential vulnerability.

Using a series of Q&A's, we will develop a tailored plan to allow your organisation to form the basics of an incident response plan. This plan can ensure that any security incident can be  dealt with appropiately.

In today's world, even the smallest of businesses may be a target for a Cyber attack. Whether you are part of a wider supply chain or provide services to a critical sector, no one is immune to potential attacks. For this reason, it's important to monitor for active threats. Complete Cyber uses a system that can track your endpoints or domains to ensure there are no potential attacks about to take place. We will provide report metrics and notification services to enable you to stay ahead of a potential cyber attack.

Educating your employees and being provided with up to date cyber news is a must for most for any business. You should stay active in being aware of potential events that could affect your business. Our newsletter service can be tailored with your own company branding or remain generic and can be sent on to your employees.

This is a unique service where you can have your project or existing infrastructure threat modelled assessed by our security architects, to look for potential security risks. We limit the assessment scope to be scoped to a size boundary, e.g. if you're an organisation then we will undertake a high-level model threat assessment. You'll be able to use our portal to submit requests or data flow diagrams for assessment, which will return to you information to allow you to better understand the security risk posture of your set up or project.

We can deploy a custom open-source risk management and provide the required guidelines to allow you to centrally manage security risks, compliance, auditing and asset management with our guides on using tooling to perform this. Forget spreadsheets and start automatic risk management where we can provide the tool either in your Cloud environment, host it on your behalf or you can run and deploy locally.

We specialise in performing security assessments of your cloud environment to outline any potential security risks and/or misconfigurations that might lead to a security risk. We provide you with an assessment report detailing the risks, how they were identified and mitigation actions such as our two-tier approach, tier-1 being the quick and cost-effective fix and tier-2 the longer term and more resource constraining approach to addressing the security risk.

If you have signed up for one of our packages then you are entitled to our discounted day rates for our consultants/architects depending on which package you have.

Cyber Security Services Package Details



- Great for 6-25 Employees 

- Security Consultation

2 days / month

- Phishing Simulation Awareness & Training

Up to 25 users



- Great for 1-5 Employees 

- Security Consultation

1 day / month

- Phishing Simulation Awareness & Training

Up to 5 users



- Great for 25+ Employees 

- Security Consultation

5-10 days / month

- Phishing Simulation Awareness & Training

Up to 50-200 users


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