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How we Supply Suitable Candidates

Our associate and extended network pool of talented individuals bring with them a wealth of experience. We know all of our associates as we've had the pleasure of working alongside them, or they have supported Complete Cyber in the delivery of a particular project. It is these associates who we call upon when selecting the right candidate to support you.

Stage 1: Obtain your Requirements

Our process begins with understanding your initial requirements. Knowing this allows us to identify potential candidates we already associate with to speed up the process of providing potential candidates to you.

Stage 2: Technical Screening

After short-listing candidates either from our extensive pool of individuals or by searching our subscribed databases containing 1000's candidates, we will outline several individuals to perform our initial technical screening. A member of our security or solution architect team will then hold a technical meeting with the proposed candidates and determine whether they would be capable of meeting your role requirements.

Stage 3: Client Interviews

Whether we have a single or several candidates, we will provide you with the opportunity to interview them to determine whether they would suit the role and your business. When you are happy, we supply the candidate through our consultancy, meaning that we would maintain all established relationships.


With any project or large-scale program, finding scaling resources that are equipped to support your needs can be difficult.

Here at Complete Cyber, we have an extensive pool and network of (background checked) associates that can be leveraged to support any of your short term engagement needs.

If you are a program manager running an extensive project with various deliverables, understanding your needs relating to resourcing the right candidate can often be complex and timely. We offer an extended service to join your program and evaluate areas and translate these into solutions.

Understand How we

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Resourcing Needs

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Creative By Nature

Our team leverage each other's creative and problem solving skills offering you access to a creative solution provider when it comes to addressing your Cybersecurity requirements.



Our combined team has over 30 years in working in Information Security and ICT, offering you access to an extensive range of knowledge.


Vendor Agnostic

We don't stipulate vendors, we use what you have and evaluate the best approaches to integration and security protection.


Business Benefits

Our team continually provide business benefits by enhancing your security and reducing your threat surface to potential Cyber attacks.



Our team of experienced security architects share our vision in that cybersecurity is everyone's problem and therefore collaboration is key to driving results.



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