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The Best Way to Accomplish Safer Business Environments from Phishing

Has someone you didn’t know asked you about your bank account numbers or for a Multi-Factor code verification? If so, you might be targeted for phishing. Do you wonder what is the best way to accomplish safer business environments from phishing?

Phishing for Bank Information

Phishing is a cybercrime in which targeted people are contacted by text, Teams or Slack, Email or Telephone. They are trying to lure you into giving them personal data such as passwords, bank account numbers, and even credit card details. In today's GenAI world, even capturing your response in voice to a call can be used to impersonate you, so that your information can be used to steal your identity, damage your reputation, and cause money loss or worse be used to gain access into organisations systems. 

There are 5 types of phishing scams:

  1. Email phishing: Most phishing attacks are sent by email with a fake domain that copies the real organisations and sends generic requests. The first thing you should do is always check the email address of a message that asks you to click or download an attachment

  2. Whaling: Whaling is a method used by cybercriminals targeted at senior or essential people like CEOs. It is a common trick when they use the pretext of a CEO who wants an employee to do them a favour.

  3. Spear Phishing: This is a Credential stealing attack, e.g. luring users into giving away their login details for a website

  4. Angler phishing: Social targeting campaign designed to impersonate a social media profile to mimic someone, e.g. think of cat-phishing 

  5. Smishing and vishing: Smishing is a phishing attack sent by message. The cybercriminals know your phone number so they can send you a message on behalf of trusted companies to click the link that contains malware or lead you to a fake website. Vishing or voice phishing is a phishing attack by phone, They use social engineering through your phone so they can get access to your private information and your bank details. They often lure you with gifts or money so you will give them your private information.

So, how do you spot a phishing scam?

  1. First, beware of any bad grammar and misspellings: Official companies often have editorial staff to ensure their customers get professional and high-quality content. So, it might be a scam if it contains grammatical errors.

  2. Suspicious links or attachments: If you suspect an email is a scam, DO NOT open any links or attachments. It might contain a virus and will create havoc in your systems.

  3. The message creates a sense of urgency: such as you need to do something if not there are negative consequences or a loss of opportunity.

How can Complete Cyber help you with Phishing? We bring a phishing and awareness platform that is designed to improve and measure the human security element in your organisation.

Our phishing platform provides key areas of growth to support you in overall Cyber maturity and resilience from Cyber Threats. 

Wondering how?

We can support you by:

  • Coordinated Phishing campaigns with Automation.

  • Security awareness training, wherever you need it.

  • A single plane of glass for analysing your organisation's risk.

  • Cyber awareness is made simple for you and your team.

  • Policy compliance to store your corporate policies and to manage them.

  • Simple yet detailed reporting hunting for data provided in real-time.

  • Synchronise users with ease of Active Directory Integration.

  • Real-time breach monitor providing Cyber Threat Information.

Our platform is built to provide users who want to improve the Human Security element by combining core areas of our platform, including:

  • Phishing Simulation Campaigns.

  • Training and Awareness e-learning.

  • Policy Compliance Manager.

  • Breach Threat Information.

  • Superior Data Reporting.


In this Digital world, we have to be more careful about sharing our information on the internet. Some people can take that information for granted like Phishing. Phishing is one of the most famous cyber-attacks. Phishing uses your information to get personal information about you, such as Credit card numbers, and passwords, or even to steal your money.

To make it easier for you, Complete Cyber has designed a Phishing and Cyber Training Awareness. This training makes it easier for you to learn more about Phishing and Cyber Training. Are you interested in learning more about Phishing?

Protect your business from Phishing now! Contact us for more information!



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