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Phishing Simulation
& Cyber eLearning

Complete Cyber bring you a phishing and awareness platform that is designed to improve and measure the 'human security' element of your organization.

Our Phishing and Awareness Platform comes with content and functionality designed to improve your overall security posture with automated phishing campaigns that can be launched in a matter of minutes. Enrol your employees in cyber and data privacy eLearning training.

Do you need a document compliance manager for security policies and ensuring your staff review these documents? Our platform provides you with a compliance document manager. Furthermore, if want to monitor your domain for any breach of intelligence or compromised accounts associated with your business, then our phishing simulation and training platform can support you with that.

Improve the

Human Security Factor

in Your Organization

An all-in-one Phishing and Training Awareness Platform

Attack Simulations

Providing an out-of-the-box automated battle-ready phishing simulator, allowing you to start phishing your recipients within minutes.


Cloud-Based Training

Fully customizable training content and flexible quiz creation tools to suit your needs and industry with content that both entertains and provides concise and informative learning.


Single Sign-On

Simple, quick and convenient single sign-on allows Office 365 and Google users a consistent sign-on experience having only to remember one set of credentials.


Comprehensive Reporting

Fully customizable training content and flexible quiz creation tools to suit your needs and industry with content that both entertains and provides concise and informative learning.


Customisable Phishing

Hundreds of easy-to-use and current phishing templates, with the ability to customize or add your own. You can include personal information and attachments to create your own spear-phishing campaign.


Customisable Landing Pages

Out-of-the-box landing pages allow you to create realistic login pages or create your custom variations which allow for instant point-of-failure awareness and education.


Alarm Bell Indicators

Give your users immediate training when they click on a suspected simulated phishing email. Every email template comes loaded with its own specific (customizable) training information. Automatically enrol users onto training when they land on a phishing website and get instant notifications.


Automate Policy Management

Looking to use a customisable and easy-to-use policy creation and distribution policy manager? Enable users to read and accept multiple organization policies in a matter of clicks.



For sensitive recipients and groups, real-time notifications and workflow-chaining allow you to receive instant notifications should any of your recipients fail a simulated phishing test. The ability to integrate alerting into your SIEM is just one API away!


Bespoke Quiz & Tests

Using the supplied quizzes and surveys to test the knowledge of your users, or create your own for an experience tailored specifically to the needs of your organization.


Breach Intelligence

Knowing what information the bad guys possess is an important part of maintaining good cyber-hygiene. With the built-in breach intelligence checks, your users get automatically notified if their credentials have found their way onto the dark web. Utilize our webhooks to provide additional intelligence gathering from the dark web to your SIEM platform.


O365 Integration

Using either our Office 365/Azure Active Integration or our downloadable active directory synchronization tool, you can easily and regularly transfer user and group information directly into the platform. This makes it superfast to get up and running ready to start sending campaigns to your recipients.


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