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Our team is very practical and hands-on meaning that we can offer you a security architecture service that is not only technical but can leverage holistic and strategic business thinking. This combination of knowledge offers a different viewpoint in assessing and maintaining security risks to your organization.

Our security architecture approach considers four different key areas that can be utilized by you to support your cyber security needs regardless of the cyber maturity of your organization.

Stage 1: Business Requirements

Working with senior stakeholders such as C-Level executives, our security architects are equipped to translate technical into business risks to ensure senior members of your organisation understand the security implied risks. Our team are experts in ascertaining the support in seeking investment for security programmes.

Stage 2: Risk Management

Our security architects will review your current risk management model to determine current risk processes and review gaps to determine whether your model needs refinement or to adopt your current model in undertaking security risk assessments. Our team at Complete Cyber can offer services and tools to support risk management whatever the size of your business.

Stage 3: Architecture Domain

Each security architect is equipped to understand your infrastructure and will assist or discover the conceptual view of your systems, functions and assets. This will allow them to determine what core risks exist in your current configuration. Your specific needs will be determined by our team and used to create any extensions or new projects from your current landscape. This will save you time in re-inventing the wheel when it comes to assessing your company's security situation.

Stage 4: Security Domain

The Security domain is where we combine both our technical experience, assurance activities and risk-driven approach to providing security-based solutions that drive change or ensure due diligence is performed on any change on any scale.


The role of security architecture has never been more important in managing your cyber security risks. The growing complexity of the IT landscape and increase in threats means that robust and comprehensive protections must be implemented to protect your company-wide digital assets.

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Architecture and

Design Services


Creative By Nature

Our team leverage each other's creative and problem solving skills offering you access to a creative solution provider when it comes to addressing your Cybersecurity requirements.



Our combined team has over 30 years in working in Information Security and ICT, offering you access to an extensive range of knowledge.


Vendor Agnostic

We don't stipulate vendors, we use what you have and evaluate the best approaches to integration and security protection.


Business Benefits

Our team continually provide business benefits by enhancing your security and reducing your threat surface to potential Cyber attacks.



Our team of experienced security architects share our vision in that cybersecurity is everyone's problem and therefore collaboration is key to driving results.



This Service

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Complete Cyber recognizes the importance of ensuring that security is embedded from the start of your project.


Our experienced and industry-savvy security architects, who are qualified and certified industry professionals,  can carry out a thorough GAP analysis to identify and record the current security status of either your IT infrastructure or mobile/web/microservices in the cloud.

Through the identification of your risks and vulnerabilities, the security architect will establish a benchmark ‘as is’ risk status, from which tasks and remediations are set alongside key project milestones. These will form the basis of your project plan and pathway from inception to successful project conclusion.

We approach each project with fresh eyes and design solutions around your specific requirements. Tailoring in this way ensures you get your desired outcome in a cost-effective way.


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